Magic texture interlining

Interlining to create wrinkled effects

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Technical information

Instructions for use:

Draw on the interfacing, with a pencil, the lines to follow. This is optional as it can be sewn without following a pattern.

Using pins, secure the interfacing to the back of the fabric.

Sew along the lines marked on the interfacing or free. It can also be sewn on the side of the fabric freely or following a pattern of the same fabric.

On the interlining part, steam with the iron until the entire piece has wrinkled.

Attention: consult the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Those required by the fabric or material that has wrinkled.


Steam on high until the fabric is evenly wrinkled.

Measurements: 1’20 x 1 m

It is a product designed to create special effects with fabrics.
It is a special polyester fabric that is designed to shrink by 30% when steamed.
When this fabric is sewn with the fabric to be wrinkled and steamed, both shrink by 30%, thus achieving spectacular effects.

Fabrics: All types of fabrics. It can be used with care on some skins.

Characteristics: Easy to sew. Variety of effects with the same material. Shrinks 30% in both directions.

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