In this course we take a step in the use of transparencies getting create new tissues and effects that can be applied to many different works. Silk also adds its own properties: natural fabric, shiny, can easily be dyed at home to get their own color palettes.  [onehalf]mas-transparenciasweb mastransparenciasobjecteweb[/onehalf] [onehalflast]We will work mainly with the following qualities of silk: organza, cheesecloth and chiffon crêpe
Our main objective is, based on the different qualities of silk, get new fabrics with which to develop artistic works and also clothing and accessories.
It is known that silk has many valued properties but it is not an easy fabric to work with, especially for the work proposed in this course. Our long experience with this material and research to obtain new effects with transparency has made us find easy techniques that facilitate the work and that allow to do really spectacular things for any person with a few average skills with the sewing machine.
In this course we propose: to make pojagi in a very simple and quick way, set of overlapping geometric shapes and voids, overlapping layers of cheesecloth to create a lightweight, durable and reversible tissue; overlay for highly textured torn tissue strips.
These techniques seek to enhance the lightness, transparency and etherealness organza and cheesecloth, on the other hand contrast with the intense color that gets to dye them. You can create artwork really spectacular. [/onehalflast]

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