Entrants de FajolOlot craft sausage // Ground, water, grains; Buckwheat crust, the essence of raw nourishment // Eating with fingers; Pork dewlap warm sandwich // Garrotxa caviar; buckwheat blini and Santa Pau beans //Buckwheat; spaghetti, smoked broth.
Together with the welcome wineglass of cava, starters are served, consisting of five dishes. I go back to ancient flavours, from my childhood. The crispy and the smooth,
ground and roots. Everything seems to be slowly cooked, as our grandmothers used to do.
Under the arches, a clearing of lawn opens before us. It is the restaurant backyard, an old renovated masía.
I think that it is not by chance that the restaurant keeps its traditional structure, typical of the area, while its inside is totally contemporary, as its cuisine
Author: Cecília González
Year: 2014
Measures: 135 x 132 cm
Techniques: Different kinds of silk. Painted, dyed and hand printed. Free quilting
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