Online courses

Creative Sewing: Introduction to Bojagi

Learn the basics of Bojagi, or Korean patchwork, to make incredible textile compositions sewn by hand or with a sewing machine

The Bojagi was born in Korea and the traditional religions of the country thought that wrapping something in these pieces protected good luck. In this online course, the sisters Cecília and Mercè González will show you how this method has evolved and why it is so versatile.

Silk painting techniques

Learn concepts, techniques and tools to work silk in an art form

In this course, you will learn different techniques and ways of approaching painting on this material, without prior knowledge. You will know how to recognize the different types of silk and you will be able to apply the techniques creating small or large design projects where silk will be the protagonist.

Face-to-face courses


In this course we teach many working resources with different interlinings to make things from basic and simple to very sophisticated, but always an easy process.


This technique seeks to enhance the lightness, transparency and subtility of the organza, which on the other hand contrasts with the intense color that is achieved by dyeing it.

Succes texturing

In addition to knowing different ways to texture fabrics, the course is focused on creativity and versatility. We go a little further in the use of certain techniques, seeking originality.

Fall in love with silk

In this workshop, we will teach the different qualities of silk, its characteristics and why and how each one could be used.


We will teach you how you can change your fabrics. Starting with a commercial or hand dyed fabric you can get different textures and prints.


We will play with overlays transparencies to create subtle shades and glazes, layering with surprise results but always fun and easy to make.

Shibori workshop

Shibori is an old Japanese technique of dyeing and decoration of fabrics that, using the pressure, gets stamped between the parts under pressure and those that do not.

Dyeing silk with microwave

Using microwave is a easy way to fix colours in silk ,and you can have the ones you want in few minutes using tools you have at home.

Reactive Dyes

You will learn to use reactive dyes performing different exercises like same color gradients, gradients from one color to another, color mixes, tied and reserves, overlapping colors, etc.

More transparency

In this course we take a step in the use of transparencies getting create new tissues and effects that can be applied to many different works.

If you belong to an association or you simply have a group that is interested in our courses, contact us. We will move to where you are.

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