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Desedamas Featuring Les Cols

We adapt Fina Puigdevall’s menu

Challenges appear when we bring up questions without answers.

We asked ourselves how it would be to capture the experience of savouring a menu d’auteur on a quilt. How to describe, using fabric, the texture of food, the tickling of the bubbles of a good cava or the sweet flavour of ratafía. The strength and volatility of nourishment, its transparency, its sweetness and bitterness.

Silk is and will always be our basis, like water might be for a cook. Starting from the basic to the specific, we aimed at building bridges between cooking and the textile art, to turn a gourmet sampling menu into an exhibition menu. To do so, we needed the complicity of someone else, someone passionate about cooking. The connection with Fina was immediate, her way of living cooking, searching for the essence of flavour without losing contact with the ground and her environment. Moreover, she, just like us, shares the experience of being a woman in a man sector, fact that brought us closer together.

At her restaurant Les Cols, Olot, Fina Puigdevall offers, along with her husband maître Manel Puigvert, different menus depending on the season, yet always connected with the seasonality and the environment.

In order to tackle this project, we decided to recreate this same blend.

Cecilia portrayed the dishes, transforming something as ephemeral as food into a contemporary and bidimensional textile piece of art, using colour and textures as language.

Mercè dealt with the beverages, from water to spirits. The bubbles of cava, the body of red wine, all to turn these liquids into translucent, ethereal works, full of colour, movement and sensuality.

Creating a sequence of works that answer the questions we brought up.

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