As Constantin Kavafis’ poem Ithaca says, I am within the journey, hoping it will be long, and it will take me to many unknown places which will surprise me. I’m travelling, grateful to have the ability to keep on feeling thrilled.

My sister and I started this trip many years ago and, if I look back, I’m impressed when I see the point we got to and the potential we still have to develop. Furthermore, we also achieved a synergy in which we enhance each other our creativity and which make us taking the best out of each one.

I move between two worlds, since for years I’ve been learning calligraphy and Chinese painting on paper and, on the other hand, I love silk painting, the colour and all that allowed me to develop my work. What attracts me in oriental art is the simplicity of the lines, the balance, the fullness and the emptiness, the search for essence. I think that is where I find myself now, in that quest and in what each one of my passions can provide to the other.

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