DESEDAMAS unites two skills: silk painting and textile art. We have explored and developed our own techniques to work with this material, which opens up an immense field in which to experiment.


In this course we teach many working resources with different interlinings to make things from basic and simple to very sophisticated, but always an easy process.


This technique seeks to enhance the lightness, transparency and subtility of the organza, which on the other hand contrasts with the intense color that is achieved by dyeing it. You can create really spectacular artistic works.

from August 3 to 15

FiraVIII Feria de Artesanía de Santander
Plaza Porticada, Santander

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from August 10 to 19

Fira XXXIV Feira de Artesanía de Viveiro
Xardíns Noriega Varela, Viveiro (Lugo)

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